Commemorating Victims of Racial Terror and Reconstructing Narratives

Black Cherry Tree

What is TBCTP?

The Black Cherry Tree Project aims to address racial reconciliation through the memorialization of the 33 African-Americans who were lynched in Jefferson County between the mid to late 1800’s and the mid 1900’s. This project is centered in Birmingham, Alabama, proposing the introduction of an annual day of commemoration for those lynching victims. Our goal is to use art to encourage productive dialogue around race and justice and highlight local artists and Black-owned businesses, in the spirit of community unification. Local artists create effigial art pieces (memorial portraits) representative of a respective victim. These memorial portraits are publicly displayed on altar sites that encompass each of the 33 black cherry tree saplings that are also planted locally in honor of each victim.

This project is supported by the National Performance Network’s (NPN) Southern Artists For Social Change grant. For more information: