Artist Registration

If you are interested in being a participating artist for this project please fill out the form below. Each applying artist can submit as many proposals as they wish for each victim. Information about each of the 33 victims is available by clicking the link adjacent the victim's name.

Selected artists will be grouped with other artists and community members, given materials, instruction, an honorarium and access to necessary resources to aid in their creations. Participating artists agree to attend bi-weekly calls to check on the status of their commemorations. These calls will also include guest speakers, group dialogue and interactive exercises. Artists have 100% creative freedom in the medium, format and ways they choose to create their work. Artists of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Deadline to submit: July 30, 2021 // Selected artists will be notified by August 13, 2021.

Briefly share some of your thoughts/ideas/inspiration or any information to help us understand the vision for the doll(s) you intend to create.