Support TBCTP

This is the second year of The Black Cherry Tree Project. Our goal is to use art and community to reintroduce narratives, construct legacy and extend the life of the 33 victims of racial terror in Jefferson County, AL. This project explores the intersections of community, art and social justice to take form in many ways. The Black Cherry Tree Project invites local artists to create commemorative artworks based on their interpretations while also creating a transgenerational community dialogue by planting commemorative black cherry tree saplings in publicly accessible locations across Jefferson County, Alabama -- the same location of each lynching. 

But it takes community to make this possible. 

Donations of all amounts are appreciated as TBCTP lives through individual donor and organizational support. We also appreciate donations of personal time and resources (i.e. volunteer hours, fabric/materials for doll creation, content creation, etc.) If this aligns with your intended support please fill out the form on our contact page and we will be in touch within 48 hours.